A REDDITCH driver has been recognised for his improved driving style, following a scheme to promote safety and boost fuel efficiency.

Neil Davis, who delivers goods for Halfords, recently took part in a three-part training programme with more than 150 others.

This concentrated on key areas such as controlled acceleration, correct use of cruise control, and other specialist and safe driving techniques.

Mr Davis, who works for Wincanton, was given a Volvo gift-pack and certificate in recognition.

The awards were presented by logistics company Wincanton plc in conjunction the Hartshorne Crossroads Group, which supplied the Volvo Trucks that they drive.

A spokesman from Wincanton congratulated Neil, and five others, who were recognised for their hard work.

"Driver behaviour can boost fuel economy by up to 30 per cent, which is great news for the environment," he said.

"We have seen substantial increases in our average miles per gallon, simply through a change in driving techniques."