A SNEAK thief has been found guilty of snatching a woman’s handbag from the emergency room at Redditch hospital.

Homeless Darren Milson stole the bag from a hospital cubicle after being taken to the Alexandra Hospital by an ambulance.

Milson, aged 31, was convicted in his absence at Redditch Magistrates Court after video evidence showed him leaving the hospital with the handbag.

The theft took place in October 2017 after Milson had been taken to hospital complaining about feeling unwell.

An ambulance was called by police who had been sent to the Kingfisher Centre in Redditch to move Milson on after he was reported sleeping rough in a fire escape.

Police officers were dispatched after Milson became agitated by members of the public walking past him.

Pc Andrew Freeman told magistrates he attended the scene and Milson told him he suffered from psychosis, had not been taking any medication and was feeling ill.

Officers followed the ambulance to the Alexandra Hospital and observed Milson entering the emergency department.

CCTV showed him in the hospital and leaving with the bag, which contained keys to the victim's car.

The court also saw CCTV of the car being driven out of the hospital car park

Milson, who has a long criminal record, was also charged with stealing the car but acquitted after magistrates concluded there was not enough evidence to convict him beyond reasonable doubt.

A warrant was issued for his arrest.