REDDITCH Labour has launched its manifesto saying they will build a town everyone can be proud of.

Bill Hartnett, leader Redditch Labour Group, said his party will work with young people and all communities in order to make the town an even better place to work and live.

"Our manifesto was influenced following our “Labour Listens” campaign," he said.

"Party members have held street stalls, meetings in community centres, and been out on the doorsteps, we have had thousands of conversations with local residents across the borough throughout the year.

"Our manifesto sets out the Labours Party’s vision for Redditch. It covers all aspects of council activities covering more social and genuinely affordable housing, town and district centre regeneration, young people, and involving the community in decision making,

"We will work with local organisations to build a town we are all proud of to make a Redditch town an even better place to work and live for our town, and our community."

He added: "Redditch needs a caring council and not a 'me first' and 'cuts first' approach to policies.

"Even though there is a lot going on nationwide these Local Redditch Council elections are important and I would encourage all residents to vote on May 2."

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