REDDITCH town centre could be getting a share of £2.5million.

Worcestershire County Council is proposing to invest millions of pounds into tackling congestion, improving town centres and upgrading railway stations across the county.

The money has been announced as part of the council's proposed budget for the next financial year.

The cash has been earmarked for "improvements" but at this stage it is not clear what exactly they would be.

Redditch's council leader Matt Dormer said: "Since I became leader I have been working with all partners including the county council as part of our commitment to unlock Redditch and release the full potential of our great town.

"I have met with Simon and chief executive Paul Robinson on a number of occasions, and I have also taken them around Redditch to outline the challenges and opportunities that we need to work together on.

"I am delighted that my lobbying appears to have paid off and I look forward to further details of the proposals from the county council."

He added: "This demonstrates what can happen when you have a dynamic team of Conservatives at the borough council talking to a Conservative-led county council all of whom want to see the best for Redditch."

Councillor Simon Geraghty, leader of Worcestershire County Council, said: "These capital investments are essential for us to continue to support Worcestershire's growing economy."

Other proposed investments include £4m to build a new footbridge across the River Severn in north Worcester and to refurbish Sabrina Bridge in Worcester to support walking and cycling.

An additional £5m is to be invested into the upgrading of railway stations.

"By investing into the county's infrastructure we will help to attract more businesses and build more homes which will help us to grow the council's income," said Mr Geraghty.

"The budget that we are proposing will invest £26m into these schemes over the next three years, while at the same time providing significant revenue investments into adult social care and into improving the lives of the county's children and young people."