CONTROVERSIAL plans to build a power station ‘the size of 37 Wimbledon courts’ in the Alcester countryside are set to be scrapped.

Earlier this year Enso Energy submitted an application to Stratford District Council to build a gas powered generation facility on agricultural land off Croft Lane in Haselor.

The application included 22 gas generation engines, an access road, four metre-high fences, and four-metre high floodlight columns.

A number of councillors, politicians, and residents all objected to the plans citing serious concerns about noise, visual impact, and fumes drifting into the village and residents' homes.

Many said they had been left in the dark over the plans and vowed to fight the application.

Christian Matthews, of Croft Lane, launched a ‘Stop the Croft Lane power station’ Facebook group which saw more than 300 members join in little over a week, while a bid to raise £2,280 to pay for legal costs to fight the application reached half of its target in just a few days.

However, just days before it was due to be officially discussed by the district council it has been axed.

Town Councillor Mike Gittus said that Enso is now aware that the application for the power station will be refused under delegated authority, based mainly on the consultant's reports on the impact on the landscape and visual harm.

He called it a "common sense decision".

"This is a great relief to the local communities that I represent, and a welcome decision to the tens of thousands of walkers and visitors who enjoy the beautiful rural settings of the Arden Landscape Area," he said.

Councillor Sue Adams, who previously said she was "astonished" the application had been made without any public consultation, added: "I am pleased that the consultants have agreed with the views of the local people that this location is not appropriate."