A HUSBAND and wife team are hoping to bring "the boutique fitness vibe" from the streets of Shoreditch to Redditch.

Fitness Professionals Adele and Jermaine recently moved from London to Redditch and have set up their own studio in the Kingfisher Shopping Centre, after teaching freelance at the big chain gyms for years.

Adele said: "We want to offer our energy, our vibe and our flavour in our weekly classes.

"We ensure an awesome workout in an ego free environment. No judgement, no expectation, just motivation and something a little different."

The couple began with a once a month fitness events called SWEAT (Strong Willed Energetic Awesome Tribe). They have gone on to offer a range of other events and classes such as Pilates, Mission To Condition, and Whine Whine Whine, including family classes.

Redditch Advertiser:

Adele said the main aim was to create a family feeling.

"As parents ourselves we’ve always allowed children to come along too," she said.

"There is something very special about families working out together. We encourage children to see their parents exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. For this reason we offer family classes.

"We don’t subscribe to any pre-choreographed fitness programs. Not because there is anything wrong with them, just because they are not for us.

"All of the gyms and leisure centres in Redditch use these pre-set fitness concepts so we are proud to be different and welcome those that the gym environment doesn't appeal to."

"We want to inspire people of all ages, abilities, sizes and experience to enjoy fitness and achieve their goals."

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