A MENOPAUSE café, aimed at breaking down the taboo around menopause and increasing awareness of the impact of the menopause on those experiencing it, will be held in Redditch.

Open to both women and men of all ages, Menopause Café will be held between 10am and noon on Monday, October 8 at Rees Café.

Following the world’s first Menopause Café, held in Scotland in 2017, a number of cafes have been organised throughout the UK, including in some workplaces.

Rachel Maclean, MP for Redditch, is bringing the Menopause Café to Redditch as part of her campaign to raise awareness of the ‘third stage of life.’

She said: “I am on a mission to raise awareness of the menopause and to bring this issue higher up the agenda of Government.

"The menopause is a natural stage of life that affects every woman and every man who lives with or works with a woman.

"We need to speak more openly about the ‘third stage of life’ in a way that we haven’t before."