LABOUR leader Jeremy Corbyn visited Redditch today to outline the party’s plan to “rebuild Britain for the many, not the few”.

The crowd chanted “Oh, Jeremy Corbyn” as he arrived at the town's bandstand earlier this afternoon.

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Fresh from this week’s Labour Party Conference, which he said was the “biggest there has ever been”, he told the hundreds watching that Labour is ready to govern.

Earlier this week he told the party conference that Labour "ready" to start work on a "radical plan to rebuild and transform our country".

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The Labour leader vowed to end the "greed-is-good" culture that has dominated politics and "kickstart a green jobs revolution".

Mr Corbyn also offered to back Theresa May if she presented a "sensible" Brexit deal to MPs for approval but would oppose the current plan.

He was in Redditch to support the party’s parliamentary candidate Rebecca Jenkins.

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Redditch Advertiser:

Labour Leader Bill Hartnett said it was a great day.

He said over the past 38 years he has been a member of the party a number of other labour leaders have visited the town.

"Those visits demonstrates the importance of Redditch to the Labour party," he said.

"We need Rebecca to win here in Redditch so that we win the general election to form a Labour government and to put Jeremy in Downing street.

"We have won Redditch before and with your support we will win it back again.

"The Labour party has over 500,000 members; locally we have over 400 members. The party has been out campaigning every week for months - knocking doors, picking up local issues, and I can say our support is growing here and nationally.

"I say 'bring on the general election'".