A NEW app to help cut down on waiting times currently in use at Redditch's Alexandra Hospital is being rolled out to the Worcestershire Royal.

The app includes a seamless live bed status report that can be sent out across the trust and to other care providers.

It is hoped the app will stop duplication and speed up information sharing by providing easy escalation when required.

A two-week trial of CAPP began at the Alex back in July, and now the app is fully rolled out across the hospital.

At Worcestershire Royal Hospital, a trial will take place this week, with the hope it will go-live in early October.

The hope is that by moving away from paper-based reports to using an easily updatable app, it will save time and allow staff to have a ‘real-time’ view of the situation rather than wait for a paper report to be produced which can often be outdated by the time it is received.

CAPP will soon be used by MAU staff to see who in A&E needs a bed, with doctors able to review who has been admitted and where that patient went to.

It will also report which patients require a bed and which patients need to be admitted.

At the regular bed meetings that take place discussing capacity management, the app can be utilised as a visual tool to show each area’s latest situation.

Redditch's MP Rachel Maclean recently met the creators of CAPP, Matthew Stott, Matt Turner, Thomas Taylor and Kevin Dockerty.

She said: “It was absolutely fascinating to find out more about this amazing app during my visit to the Alex. What’s more fascinating is that this app is the first-of-its-kind being used in the country, and has been developed by the acute trust’s staff.

“This app is already helping the hospital with patient flow and capacity management, and I’m confident CAPP will be of great help to the Alex and Worcestershire Royal this coming Winter.”