I’M going to talk about Brexit again because since I was elected I promised to keep you all as up-to-date as possible during this complex process, writes Redditch MP Rachel Maclean as part of her Westminster Diary.

On Monday night (September 10) I stayed late in the Chamber so I could speak in a debate on the process of implementing the withdrawal agreement between the UK and the EU.

I listened to views from both sides of the Chamber.

I spoke in the debate because as your voice in Parliament, you are always at the forefront of my mind in this place.

A clear majority of residents who voted in the referendum two years ago, some 62 per cent, voted to leave the EU.

Since I became your MP I have received thousands of emails about Brexit and spoken to hundreds and hundreds of residents on the doorstep.

I get the strong feeling that if another referendum was held, and I really hope there isn’t one, Redditch would vote for Brexit again, even despite the extremely difficult and complicated technical issues the Government is grappling with.

We spend a lot of time in the House of Commons dealing with incredibly complex legislation. However, my constituents always come back to talking about three basic things.

They voted to leave the EU because they wanted to take back control of their money, their borders and their laws.

People in Redditch and across the midlands are very level-headed.

They know very well that we are reliant on jobs in the manufacturing industry and in the supply chain.

That’s why it is incredibly important the Government secures a good deal with the EU.

I continue to believe that this is still possible. Even the EU’s chief negotiator has changed his tune and publicly stated he believes a deal can be reached by the end of October.

Finally, the EU’s arrogance appears to be waning.

I of course have some questions about the withdrawal agreement.

Naturally, I expect to scrutinise the final deal that is brought back in great detail. I wouldn’t like to see us hand over the ‘divorce settlement’ unless we get something good in return.

That is absolutely essential, and I would not be doing my job and would be failing you if I did not hold the Government to account on that.

In the negotiations so far, we have demonstrated to our international partners that we are a reliable negotiator and that we can be trusted to keep our promises. That is how we will continue to deliver on the will of the people and their sovereign desire to leave the EU.