REDDITCH will gain large parts of Bromsgrove but lose two areas to Evesham, under final recommendations for a new boundary.

The Advertiser first revealed how the constituency boundaries would be dramatically reshaped in 2016, with the proposals since being put to a public consultation.

Plans see Alvechurch South, Alvechurch Village, Barnt Green, Hopwood, Drakes Cross, Hollywood, Wythall East and Wythall West join Redditch.

Inkberrow and Hanbury, currently within Redditch, would be moved to a re-vamped Evesham constituency, but Tardebigge – which was initially part of plans to join Redditch - would remain in Bromsgrove.

Redditch’s electorate subsequently increases from 64,071 to 77,689.

But councillors and residents have opposed the controversial plan, with critics fearing it would split communities and confuse local democracy.

Alvechurch councillor Charlie Hotham said: “I am very disappointed that it seems we could be leaving Bromsgrove from a boundary point of view.

“Alvechurch has historically been linked with Bromsgrove rather than Redditch. We have far more ties with Bromsgrove.

“The consultation is consultation in name only. It is a consultation on a pre-determined outcome. I hope it is not passed.”

The plans aim to reduce the number of MPs from 650 to 600 and ensure every constituency has between 71,031 and 78,507 electors.

Recommendations have now been sent to Government and will be voted on by both Houses of Parliament.

Redditch MP Rachel Maclean said: "I agree with the principle of reducing the number of MPs and equalising the size of constituencies.

“It is not fair that some MPs represent 25,000 constituents, whereas some MPs represent more than 90,000 people with the same staffing levels and budgets.

“I appreciate that change of any kind can be an anxious process for people, but these proposals have been put forward by an independent body after years of consideration and consultation.

“It will be sad to lose our friends and connections that have been built up over the years in places like Inkberrow and the Lenches, but if these proposals go through I would work hard to ensure that those coming in to the constituency feel welcome and part of a new and bold constituency which has a bright future."