"NAOMI cared too much and it killed her," said Naomi Phipps' family after teenager Matthew Doman was found guilty of the prison officer's murder.

In a statement, the family said: "Until her final weeks, Naomi loved and looked out for Matthew Doman and his family.

"When Doman was in a young offenders' institution, she got special dispensation from the Prison Service to be allowed to drive down to see him.

"She even talked him off a roof when he threatened to kill himself - now he has killed her."

Doman, 19, from Redditch, suffocated 30-year-old Miss Phipps (pictured) with a plastic bag and battered her head, causing a brain injury.

He had denied murdering the Blakenhurst prison officer at her home in Patch Lane, Oakenshaw, last October but was found guilty by a jury at Worcester Crown Court following an eight-day trial.

He lied that he had taken a train to Devon and that he had killed Miss Phipps by hurling a computer tower at her during a row.

He later changed his story, saying Miss Phipps had died accidentally during a bizarre sexual practice to restrict breathing and intensify love-making.

Doman was sentenced to a minimum term of 20 years in jail before he is eligible for release The family said: "Most of us are lucky enough not to live next door to a Matthew Doman. And if we were unfortunate enough to find ourselves there, we'd get out as quickly as possible.

"Naomi wasn't like that. Her love was full and unquestioning. She could see the good in virtually anyone. After dealing with so many of the blows life threw at her, she had, in her final months, been the happiest we'd seen her in years, a life on track and a new future to look forward to.

"Now that future has been taken away and nothing decided at court can give it back. We're angry for Naomi at her murder and that anger has been intensified by the conduct of the defendant at every stage of the judicial process.

"His attempt to blacken the name of his victim with lie after lie after lie shows his utter contempt for us, his own friends and family and the system."

They added: "We'd like to thank all the dedicated police officers and members of the CPS team, led by DCI Dave Morgan and Robert Juckes QC, with special mention to our family liaison officer Steph Dyer. Our thoughts and prayers are also with Doman's mother, Debbie, and we'd like to thank her for the support she gave Naomi while she was at Patch Lane."