POLICE in Redditch have blasted local youths saying they are putting people's lives at risk.

With the warm weather set to continue police are stressing the importance of respecting water safety kits.

The move comes after officers were alerted to the irresponsible use of rescue aids in the Five Tunnels area.

At least two full kits have been used to make a rope swing by what is believed to have been youths.

The kits were installed by Redditch Council following the tragic death of Richard Fellows, aged just 15, in 2014.

He was confirmed dead at the Alexandra Hospital after getting into difficulties in a pool by a weir near to a part of the River Arrow known locally as the Five Tunnels.

Two other teenage boys were also rescued and treated for minor injuries at the scene.

The hope is that the rescue aids will help prevent another tragic loss of life.

A police spokesman said: "The area is populated by a number of flowing streams and pools of still water; all of which have the potential to be dangerous.

"If the kits are used to make your fun, you risk a life being taken. Too many lives have been lost to water, don't let your misuse cause another to be lost."

They added: "If you notice rescue aids are missing or have been misused please call Redditch Council. If youths are playing in the water and you are concerned for their safety, please call police on 101 or if there is a risk of loss of life call 999 for the relevant emergency services."