REDDITCH MP Rachel Maclean is calling for more vehicle charging points in Redditch, in a bid to help reduce local emissions.

The MP asked the Minister for Transport what the Government is doing to help places such as Redditch, which only has two publicly-accessible charging points, to improve local charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

She pointed out that in nearby Coventry, there are at least 25 points.

Mrs Maclean said: “I appreciate that Redditch is a small town compared to Coventry and perhaps doesn’t have the demand as yet for these charging points.

"However, local authorities have a vital role to play in helping to significantly improve air quality in specific locations.

"It is great to see the £400 million which has just been announced by the Government to help fund local charging infrastructure, and I very much hope Redditch is able to benefit from it.”

Actions undertaken by Worcestershire County Council as part of its climate change strategy include promoting a car share database encouraging greater use of public transport and making trips via foot safer and easier.

Worcestershire Regulatory Services, which developed the Air Quality Action Plan, is looking into how viable electric vehicle technology will be to implement as part of a wider and more long-term approach to the problem.