A WOMAN is asking for help to prevent further deaths at a notorious bridge in Redditch.

Katie Houghton, who has a long history with mental health issues, is looking for people who would like to join her in attaching messages of hope and inspirational quotes to Muskett's Way footbridge, over the Bromsgrove Highway.

In the past the bridge has seen several suicide attempts and a number of worrying calls to police, the last being a man reportedly suffering from mental illness who fell to his death in 2016.

Numerous councillors and campaigners, including former Redditch mayor Joe Baker, have fought to have the bridge made safer including putting a cage around it saying that unless something is done lives will continue to be lost.

The idea to decorate bridges and other suicide hot spots was started by Lucy Mathison and Megan Embleton, who have attempted to take their own lives dozens of times, who are using their experiences to help others and their aim is to save lives.

Redditch Advertiser:

Katie, who is passionate about mental health awareness, said: "I already have a website mentalhealthjourney.co.uk where I send 'happy post' free to those struggling with mental illness and so when I saw this idea it was something I wanted to do in the local area.

"The bridge is a notorious suicide spot that I know people have tried to have closed - but unsuccessfully. I thought if it can't be closed, then maybe I can do my bit to change just one person's mind."

She admitted: "A positive note won't stop everyone but it might be enough to stop one person and that would be an achievement."

The signs would be messages of hope similar to those used at other sites and attached to the bridge using cable ties.

Katie said: "I would like to arrange a time for people to come together to be involved. It would mean them making and laminating their own little messages and coming to attach them to the bridge.

"Anyone wanting to be involved can contact me via my website mentalhealthjourney.co.uk."

For help and advice or to talk to someone, call Samaritans on 116 123.