REDDITCH residents have been urged to make sure they are aware of fire risks during the heatwave.

Leader of Redditch Borough Council councillor Matt Dormer, who is also a watch commander at the town's fire station, said: "We have the situation on Saddleworth Moor, and we've also had a big fire in Malvern recently.

"Redditch has a vast amount of green spaces, which is at high risk right now."

Cllr Dormer's advice is to make sure all smoking materials are dealt with properly and safely.

He added: "Cigarettes are a huge risk. Put it out properly, don't just toss it away and think nothing of it. You could end up starting a huge fire.

"Bonfires needs to be carefully managed too.

"Make sure you have hosepipes ready and be careful of the embers coming off the fire as they can float into surrounding areas."