ENGLAND got the opening World Cup win their performance deserved against Tunisia, but frustrations with the video assistant referee system meant it was more dramatic than it might have been.

Gareth Southgate’s side were frustrated by the penalty awarded against Kyle Walker for Tunisia’s goal – but more so by the two decisions not given to Harry Kane after he was manhandled in the penalty area at corners.

Kane had the last laugh and here we review the controversies in the context of the match.

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CHILDREN watching the Britain’s Got Talent final online using catch-up TV were inundated with junk food adverts, health campaigners have said.

At times, one in four adverts shown before and during the programme on ITV Hub were for food and drink high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS), according to analysis by the Obesity Health Alliance.

The coalition group has called for a 9pm watershed to protect children from junk food marketing and said restrictions should also apply to programmes viewed using on-demand services.

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THERESA May is facing increasing political pressure to review the law on cannabis after a raft of MPs including a former Conservative leader called for reform.

Lord Hague joined those who have called for a change of approach over the narcotic, writing in the Telegraph that the idea it can be “driven off the streets and out of people’s lives by the state is nothing short of deluded”.

His comments came after Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt suggested “a different way” was needed following widespread outrage over the confiscation from mother Charlotte Caldwell of cannabis oil supplies which she brought from Canada for her 12-year-old son Billy, who has acute epilepsy.

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CHILDREN with over-controlling parents are more likely to struggle at school and act up in the classroom, a study has found.

Researchers said so-called “helicopter parenting” could have a negative impact on a child’s emotional wellbeing, leaving them unable to cope in social situations.

While overbearing parents can mostly have good intentions, children who learn to handle challenging situations on their own will have more success later in life, the scientists said.

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The study, published in the journal Developmental Psychology, involved 422 children and looked at how much mothers and fathers intervened in their toddler’s playtime at the age of two.