THE astounding Kel Elliott and Her Three Man Orchestra bring their rousing and captivating sound to Feckenham Village Hall for an entertaining evening with their friendly, fun frolics.

A singer-songwriter with the unusual distinction of being a double bass player; Kel’s songs are upbeat in every sense - lyrically optimistic and musically infectious.

Kel is a double-bass playing sassy jazz singer who takes her life experiences – and her views on the state of the nation - and hammers them out on stage with humour, irony, and a touch of mischief.

Joining Kel are song-writing partner Kelvin and two multi-instrumentalists, Hugh (Kel’s husband and inventor of the plastic trombone) and Adam (woodwind maestro for the RSC).

As well as Kel’s velvety vocals and trademark double bass, this show features an impressive assortment of instruments, from the melodica and bass clarinet to the sousaphone, saxophone, accordion, ukulele and percussion.

This is very much a gig for grown ups and mature youngsters – fab music with universal appeal from a fantastic band

Kel Elliott and Her Three Man Orchestra in Truths & Tall Tales will be coming to Feckenham Village Hall on Saturday, April 21 from 7pm.

Tickets (£11) are on sale at the Village Shop and The Rose & Crown in Feckenham or you can book online at