COUNCIL tax bills will be hitting doorsteps shortly but residents will see a delay in receiving their new Resident Waste Permits valid for the next three years.

Normally Resident Permits would be issued by Worcestershire County Council alongside council tax bills but due to a delay in printing they will now be posted out to all residents separately, shortly afterwards.

Current resident permits (2015-2018) expire at the end of March and residents will need new permits as proof of residency to allow them to use Household Recycling Centres across the County.

Amanda Singleton, head of customer access and financial support, said: “On behalf of Worcestershire County Council, we can only apologise that our residents will not receive their permits alongside their Council Tax Bills as they would normally.

"It is hoped that the delay will only be a matter of days and we would like to reassure residents not to panic - they will be on their way and should get to residents before their current permit expires.”

Only if residents have not received their permit by the end of March should they call the council’s customer services.