RESIDENTS in Alcester and Studley clearing up after the festive fun are being reminded there is a lot they can recycle.

People can easily recycle their Christmas cards, right on their doorstep as they can go into the blue-lidded bins.

And those who have used a real Christmas tree can also put it next to their garden/food waste.

Trees over six feet should be cut in half.

Household plastic packaging such as microwave trays, yoghurt pot, fruit punnets etc which form a large element of recycling can go in the blue-lidded bin plus clean foil and sweet/biscuit tins.

Anyone who received presents they didn't want and can't return, could consider organising a present swap with friends or relatives.

They could also be swapped or sold online at and

Unwanted presents could also be donated to a charity shop rather than just thrown out or put away, never to be used.

Councillor Mike Brain, from Stratford-on-Avon District Council, said: "There's such a lot more we can recycle after Christmas - everything from old electrical goods to cards to trees and unwanted gifts.

"If there is one resolution I'd urge people to make and keep in 2018, it's to make sure they recycle everything they can - it's good for the environment, the future and also saves money."