LIB DEM General Election Candidate for Statford and local Mum, Liz Adams, is campaigning to stop cuts to school funding.

Liz has now launched a petition to ramp up the pressure on the Government and the Conservative MP, which calls on them to stop the cuts to school funding.

The petition is calling on the Government to give our schools the funding they need to deliver the best education for children.

Liz said: "In South Warwickshire we can be proud of the superb local schools we have - but the Conservative government is putting them at risk with massive cuts to school funding.

"As a local Mum with two school-aged children, I was horrified to see figures stating that 99 per cent of schools face a real terms cut in funding, with some schools in South Warwickshire set to lose over £700 per pupil.

"Like any parent, I am deeply concerned by this.

"I have been campaigning with the Liberal Democrats to stop these cuts. I firmly believe that investing in our children and young people should be a top priority for all levels of government. If you agree with me, I urge you to sign the petition and back my campaign."

As a local Mum, with two school-aged children, Liz is fighting for our schools to get the funding they need.

Data compiled by National Union of Teachers and the Association of Teachers and Lecturers show schools are set to take a £3 billion a year cut by 2020.

This suggests 99 per cent of schools will have per pupil funding cut to the average loss of £403 for each primary school pupil and £554 per secondary school student. 

Liberal Democrat Education spokesperson John Pugh said: "The Conservative proposals were utterly cynical, taking from some areas to give to others, rather than committing to give all schools the additional funding they need.

"We are already seeing schools cutting down hours, reducing staff numbers and unable to carry out basic repairs, because of the impossible funding pressures they’re under.

"I fear this will only get worse as we face the risk of a £100bn black-hole in the public finances, because of the Conservative Brexit government’s determination to end free trade with Europe."

To sign the petition go to