REDDITCH is officially one of the best places to live in the UK.

This is according to Channel 4's UK's Best Place to Live which saw Sarah Beeny travel across the country looking at every type of community, to find the best places for young people and those looking to start a new life.

The property guru looked at several factors, including affordable housing, jobs, business, wellbeing, and culture to transport and family life and compiled a list of the top 50.

Sarah said: "To find the right place to live, what’s essential is planning, planning, planning. Instinct alone is never enough – because often, what we think we know about a place simply isn’t true.”

South Ribble, an area of Lancashire near Preston, took the top accolade with Redditch coming a respectable 40th out of 50.

Recently Redditch, which has a population of more than 84,000, has seen a number of major investments and boasts numerous new housing developments, but it is not without its drawbacks.

Would you look to start a new life in Redditch? Let us know what you think.

UK’s Best Place to Live, which let four couples sample life in a new place, is available to watch online, via