URGENT calls for an Alcester road to be gritted before a fatal crash occurs have been ignored by the county council.

Parents have expressed anger and despair at Warwickshire County Council's refusal to add St Faiths Road to its list of approved gritting routes.

The road is home to two primary schools and two nurseries, which together are attended by nearly 600 children.

Parents have been alarmed by the presence of black ice on the road during the recent cold snap and fear it is only a matter of time before there is a serious accident involving a child.

Linda Butler, whose child attends St Nicholas' CE Primary School on St Faiths Road, said: "As far as I'm concerned, it's an accident waiting to happen, this needs to be sorted.

"The road is one of several on the estate that are on the main bus route so surely that in itself is a reason why it should be gritted.

"There are not one but two main primary schools situated on St Faiths as well as two nursery schools and a mother baby drop in centre so basically that road is in constant use throughout the day.

"I feel it's a no brainer that St Faiths Road should be gritted properly throughout the winter months," she added.

Despite Alcester Town Council providing a grit bin outside St Nicholas' CE Primary School, Warwickshire Highways have refused to add the area to their list of precautionary routes for gritting.

Councillor Andrew Foster, who chairs the Town Council's Community Safety Committee, said: "Many parents have been in touch about dangerous conditions during sub-zero temperatures.

"The number of cars on the road during peak times were already a cause for concern but with the cold weather I fear something serious is going to happen.

"The fact that the road is a major bus route and home to many elderly residents at Jubilee Court only adds to the danger.

"We are calling on Warwickshire County Council to reverse their decision and to start treating the road during adverse weather conditions."

A Warwickshire County Council (WCC) spokesman said: "Warwickshire County Council currently grit approximately 46 per cent of its network and with limited resources it has to stick to policy principals and concentrate on main strategic routes.

"When the formation of ice is predicted, it is WCC policy to grit all main traffic routes, A roads, most B roads and one or other two other strategic routes, in urban areas, the accesses to hospitals and main industrial estates and a single route into all villages.

"St Faiths Road has been looked at for adding to the gritting routes but does not meet our criteria for gritting. We will continue to maintain the grit bin which was provided by Alcester Town Council outside St Nicholas' Primary School."