DESPITE persistent rain and threats of flooding throughout the country, Alcester managed to stay reasonably above water thanks to the town’s flood defences.

The river levels rose rapidly on Sunday night and surface water gathered in areas of the town and the surrounding district.

On Monday morning, a response team from Warwickshire County Council deployed a jetting unit Spernal Lane to clean out the drains and pipe work to ensure that any surface water was able to drain quickly.

Alcester Town Councillor and Warwickshire County Councillor Mike Gittus said: "This was a good exercise for the town to practice the lessons it has learnt over the years.

"Over the last few years a substantial investment has been made in flood defences for the benefit of the community.

"The new flood pumps, big tank and main drain rebuild give the town businesses and residents’ resilience and the confidence it needs to invest for the future betterment of the community."

The recently installed Environment Agency webcam on Gunnings Bridge in Alcester proved useful over the weekend, enabling residents to 'see' the river levels without leaving their homes.

Work on the town's flood defences began in 2010 after devastating floods in 2007 flooded the High Street along with more than 200 homes, when the Arrow and the Alne broke their banks.