ACORNS Children's Hospice has launched a new campaign calling on those connected with it to pose for a photo, holding aloft a caption describing what the charity, which has its headquarters in Wythall, has done for them.

The Acorns Give campaign is capturing the personal stories of anyone who has had contact with the local charity from the children and families that use its services, staff and volunteers to individuals, local organisations and businesses big and small.

The responses will be shared to help raise awareness and understanding of Acorns and its work, to recognise support for the charity and to inspire and motivate individuals and organisations to pledge to give to Acorns this winter.

It has already seen more than 100 images circling on social media, including of the Hollingworth family who receive care from Acorns for their son Charlie, who said it gave them "invaluable support and lots of happy memories".

Charlie raised thousands of pounds for the hospice by completing a 100 metre walk during its Triple Run event earlier this year, while battling a debilitating disease.

Louise Arnold, director of fundraising at Acorns, said: "The campaign is very simple. Being connected to Acorns, by using or providing our services, volunteering or fundraising, means there is a story and we want to hear it.

"We hope that by sharing these stories, we can help more people understand Acorns’ work with life-limited and life-threatened children and their families, and in turn inspire them to support us."

A wide range of supporters are getting behind the campaign, with submissions having been made from supermarkets, bank staff and fire fighters and sports clubs.

It provides materials to write statements on, and then share via social media using the #AcornsGive hashtag.

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