MPs across Worcestershire have spoken of their delight at 'English votes for English laws' - saying the historic change was long overdue.

Last week the House of Commons voted in favour, by 312 votes to 270, to finally restore change to the legislative system and alter fundamentally the way the UK functions.

It means English MPs have powers to veto emerging laws which apply to England only, introducing a new phase to the legislative process.

The measure is an attempt to address a long-standing problem where Scottish and Welsh MPs could rule over laws affecting just England, but not vice versa due to their own assemblies.

Redditch MP Karen Lumley told the Advertiser: “Speaking in the House of Commons I said that with the devolution settlements for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the time was right for England to be able to debate matters that affected them only.

“The Leader of the House assured us all that this change in the standing orders would be monitored very closely and I know from conversations I have had with the people of Redditch that they welcome this move.”

Worcester MP Robin Walker said he was delighted it was now been passed and Droitwich MP Nigel Huddleston said "It's absolutely the right thing to do".

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin ran a five-year campaign to get the so-called 'West Lothian question' resolved, including launching a Private Member's Bill to kick it off.

She said: "I took up this important issue five years ago as I felt it was something that would become increasingly important in the last parliament and as Conservatives, we had a manifesto commitment to sort this perennial problem."

The entire House of Commons will still get to vote on final bills when they reach that stage, with the English-only input coming in at an earlier phase of the law-making process.