A FORMER children’s television actor and BBC Radio presenter from Redditch is celebrating the publication of an article in a prestigious journal.

Mark Powlett, now a clinical hypnotherapist based in Redditch, was asked to write an article about his life as a presenter and how to overcome presentation nerves for The Hypnotherapy Journal.

The journal is published by the NCH (National Council for Hypnotherapy) which is the largest register of independent hypnotherapists in the UK.

After being interview for the magazine about his time playing the Traffic Policeman in kid's TV show Brum and presenting his own radio show on BBC Coventry and Warwickshire for six years, the editor asked Mark if he would be able to share some of the techniques he uses to help with nerves that people experience when standing in front of an audience.

Mark, who has a practice in Winyates Green, said he was thrilled to be asked to submit something.

"I was very excited at the prospect of writing an article for my peers," he said.

"Public speaking is the number one fear in the western world, even more so than spiders and heights. I am lucky enough to have spoken to audiences both small and large, and being able to share what I have learned and my experiences was an opportunity not to be missed.”

Even though Mark has spoken live to audiences of 2,000 people and performed across Europe he explained that seeing his article on paper was just as exciting.

“When my copy of the journal came though the letterbox the thrill that I felt as I opened it and saw my name and picture was just as great as how I feel when going live on a radio show or standing on a theatre stage," he said.

"I love being able to share my story."