EVENING bus services from Redditch town centre to Matchborough have been stopped after a series of attacks of drivers.

The Diamond Bus Company has told Worcestershire County Council, which funds the number 57 and 58 evening bus services, that it will no longer risk operating in the evenings.

The latest incident happened just over a week ago when a driver was hit over the head with a bottle as a group of youths left the bus.

From today, January 22 the last services to leave Redditch bus station will be at 6.25pm on the 57 route and 6.30pm on the 58 route.

Diamond operations director Nigel Eggleton said: "I am sure most people would agree it's wrong that a small group of persistent vandals should be able to inconvenience so many people but we have little choice.

"We have nothing but praise for the police, who've done their best to help keep the services running but they clearly don't have the resources to follow every bus."

County councillor Derek Prodger, said: "It is regrettable that the actions of a few individuals have caused such an intolerable situation but when the safety of drivers and passengers becomes an issue, it is obviously untenable."

The day services on the 57 and 58 route will not be affected.