THOSE who hark back to an age when they knew where the food they were buying at the shops came from and miss the personal shopping experience of days gone by should think about a visit to Alcester Country Market.

Based at 37b High Street, the market is awash with everything from freshly grown vegetables and plants to home-made jams and cakes. Visitors can also pick up jewellery, cushions, dog collars, bird-boxes and walking sticks, and it is the only place in the town where baby clothes can be bought.

Committee member Helen Rees said that people come because they know that the quality of the things they sell is always first class.

"We make sure we only sell good local produce and people know where it's come from. It goes directly from the allotment and to High Street.

"We can also make to order so if someone wants a unique card or cake we can make it from them."

The market welcomes anyone who wants to make or grow something for them and despite offering the personal touch of the past is especially looking for the younger generation to get involved.

"It's something that can't really be done for a living but it's a great hobby," explained Helen, "It really can boost your confidence when you make something and people come and buy it and say how great it is. Some of the people who have sold things here have gone on to do bigger things and it's especially something that new mothers might like to try."

The market has been spreading the word as much as possible and can now be found on Facebook if you type in 'Alcester Country Market'.

"We have a lot of local support but Alcester is booming as a touristy place to go to and we are getting a lot of people come here who aren't local," added Helen.

The market is open every Friday between 8am-noon and every second and fourth Saturday of the month between 10am-1pm. Between May-July it is open every Friday and Saturday.