A STUDLEY school is opposing legal claims for unfair dismissal and disability discrimination by a former teacher who is alleged to have been involved in issues with the school’s head.

Clive Burbage, reputed to be an experienced and well respected teacher,  made his claims against Studley High School Academy Trust at Birmingham Employment Tribunal.

He alleges the school did not make adequate adjustments to help him after being off work for two years.

Mr Burbage suffered from anxiety and stress – prompting his legal claim for disability discrimination.

The school denied they had not done enough to help him but admitted there had been confusion about the standard of Mr Burbage’s fitness on his return and questioned whether his work performance would be affected.

One of the school governors involved in Mr Burbage’s dismissal,  told the tribunal that “some problems needed to be resolved” and said that there had been issues between Mr Burbage and the headteacher over his work.

A member of the tribunal panel told the school governor that there seemed to be concern about  his return.

The governor said the school had to provide cover during Mr Burbage’s absence and the impact on pupils and other teachers had needed to be considered.

And there was always concern over whether he would be off work again at a later date, it was said.

Mr Burbage’s GP had pronounced him fit to return to work but he complained he was later unfairly dismissed.

Tribunal judge Lynn Findlay adjourned the hearing after several days and said a decision would be made at a later date.

At one stage Mr Burbage, who is now living in Solihull, was “voted” among the top teachers at the school during a “rate my teacher survey” for his work in design and technology.

The school, in Crooks Lane, Studley,  was rated by Ofsted as outstanding in 2011