A TEST case compensation claim by a Redditch supervisor which could have opened up claims for lunch break payments by thousands of employees of other companies, has failed.

Ian Huband, a guest service supervisor, of Astwood Bank, Redditch, disputed the terms of his contract at Birmingham Employment Tribunal against Anthony Bird, managing director of Bird Enterprises Ltd of Stratford-Upon-Avon, which runs an award winning health club and spa at the town.

Mr Bird said that Mr Huband’s contract challenge, was, effectively, seeking payment for taking lunch breaks as part of his job.

Mr Huband’s claim was opposed by the respondents for whom he still works.
Payment for the lunch breaks would have added £188 a month to Mr Huband’s pay, said barrister Patrick Keith who was representing the respondent.

The tribunal was told that Mr Huband worked a 35 hour week on a rota system with five lunch breaks.

During a brief hearing tribunal judge David Kearsley referred to case histories to help him make a decision – including a court of appeal hearing.

He said Mr Huband’s contract, which he had taken at face value, had variations but said his decision was in favour of the firm.