RETIRED Redditch grandfather, and regular Arrow Valley parkrunner, Doug Richards, is planning a new running adventure in October.

The intrepid runner will be taking on a half marathon challenge in Greenland, including several kilometres of running on the Polar ice-cap itself.

Mr Richards, aged 65, has previously completed races in the Moroccan Sahara, China, Sri Lanka and Jordan, but also has experience of running in extreme cold having completed a half marathon in Siberia.

He said: “Coping with the freezing temperatures is every bit as difficult as dealing with the heat of the desert, and running on the ice cap will be a new challenge as I will have to wear crampon-like attachments on my trainers for grip.”

Mr Richards will be hoping that the local wildlife will be keeping a respectful distance after being forced to flee from elephants during a running trip to South Africa last summer.

“It is a risk you take when running in these locations, but equally, it’s also part of the awesome experience of running in wilderness settings. I am just thankful that I am still healthy enough to take part in these events.”

Mr Richards will be using the run to raise funds for the Royal Air Forces Association (RAFA), a charity that helps to provide support for the RAF family of the past, present and future, and their dependants in need.

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