THE villagers of Wythall have lost their fight against T-Mobile's plans to erect a 12m high phone mast in their midst.

The plans for the mast at Trueman's Heath Lane were given the go-ahead by Bromsgrove District Council in October but due to village opposition, the firm agreed to look at alternative sites.

But now T-Mobile has announced it is going ahead with its plans after all.

Spokesman John Shaunnassy said: "We have looked at alternatives but the plans we have permission for were the best in the light of the coverage we wanted, therefore we will be going ahead."

He could not confirm precisely when the metal pole would be erected but said it would look like a regular telegraph pole.

"It will sit as naturally as possible in its surroundings.

"We do not set out to upset villagers but people are using more mobile phones and they need an efficient network to use them," added Mr Shaunnassy.

Bromsgrove MP Julie Kirkbride said: "I have implored T-Mobile to site the mast elsewhere and am sorry they are not responsive to local views.

"Sadly, however, national planning law allows them to put mobile phones masts wherever they want."

Worcestershire county councillor for the area, Wally Stewart, said: "I am disgusted.

"Knowing the extent of public opposition, I would have hoped common decency would have led them to reconsider the siting.

"There is nobody in the village that wants the mast in Trueman's Heath Lane."