STAGE REVIEW: Mooney and his Caravans - at the Festival Theatre, Malvern, from Tuesday, September 15 to, Saturday, September 22, 2020.

ARDENT theatre-goers in the county were rejoicing this week with the return of a live performance and audience at the Festival.

Lockdown procedures were still much in evidence with safety matters to the forefront and a smaller than usual audience following social distancing advice.

However, this return of live theatre for the first time since lockdown was more than welcome and it was a delightful return as the Malvern Theatres Young Company presented a new production of Peter Terson's bitter-sweet drama.

Mooney and his Caravans is a contemporary tale of a young Birmingham couple's heartwrming efforts to improve their lot in both work and ambition.

Life is far from simple for Charley and May (Mave) though.

Played by Toby Burchell and Moa Myerson, so much at home with the story and script, our young couple believe a move to a countryside life in the Vale of Evesham will be a sensible step towards a rosier future.

But but that isn’t quite how things work out as Mooney, who runs a caravan site, takes advantage of Charley’s keenness and simple understanding of life.

A thought provoking drama-cum-comedy Mooney shows his true colours. Someone not to tangle with and who will quite clearly take advantage of others to improve the running of his business.

Simple, sweet and deliciously delivered by Charley and May, who clearly have a lot to learn about life.