The finalists in the Health Employer Award 2022 have been announced.

The award is part of the Worcestershire Health and Social Care Awards 2022 being run in association with the University of Worcester – one of the UK’s most inclusive higher education institutions, offering high-quality courses across a range of subject areas.

Worcester is among the UK’s best universities for quality education and student experience and is consistently in the top five for sustainability and gender equality.

The three finalists are:

Chris Potter - Clarendon Care

Redditch Advertiser: Chris Potter - Clarendon CareChris Potter - Clarendon Care (Image: Chris Potter)

Chris Potter from Clarendon Care has been nominated by Ann Norris in recognition of her hard work. 

She has worked for Clarendon Care for many years and is described my employees as their "cornerstone" and their "rock".

She is described as their confidant and the person staff go to when they are worried, need advice or wish to share their successes.

She puts the lives of residents and staff before all else and works tirelessly to ensure that everyone is well supported and looked after.

Staff also said not to be fooled by her soft persona as she will "tell it to you straight" if she needs to.

Employees feel that working for Chris is "an honour and a blessing" and that her laugh is infectious.

Onside Advocacy

Redditch Advertiser: Onside Advocacy teamOnside Advocacy team (Image: Onside Advocacy team)

Onside Advocacy has been nominated in recognition of the support they offer as an "outstanding employer".

They provide excellent mental health, well-being and advocacy support to over 8,500 people within the Worcestershire and Herefordshire communities.

Directors of Onside efficiently oversee all of the managers and senior managers and staff say that there is a genuine care and compassion for the staff that they work with.

Staff members, and volunteers of Onside, are seen as individuals and also being part of the bigger team, there is always a clear message from the top that everyone involved with Onside is striving for the same goals and targets.

Staff are grateful that there is no blame culture and that when mistakes happen the only questions asked are "how do we fix it?" or "is there anything we can do to stop it reoccuring?"

Sanctuary Care

Redditch Advertiser: Sarah Clarke-Kuehn from Sanctuary CareSarah Clarke-Kuehn from Sanctuary Care (Image: Sarah Clarke-Kuehn, Sanctuary Care)

Sarah Clarke-Kuehn, Group Director of Sanctuary Care

Sanctuary Care has been recognised for the benefits and support offered to staff.

This incluses an advice and counselling service, a helpline offering support with everything from financial to legal matters, savings on healthcare costs, a 24/7 GP helpline and access to occupational health.

The company's intraney has resources on stress management, financial well-being, sleep and even nutrition. 

They are passionate about giving staff the best tools to provide exceptional care.

They have an app named kradle, created in-house by their project team, and is used in their 80 care homes in England.

Reducing paper-based plans and using electronic plans has given staff around 90 minutes more every shift to spend with residents.

The Heath Care Employer Award is proudly sponsored by Worcestershire Freemasons – aiming to build character, support members as individuals and help them make a positive contribution to society, whilst having a great deal of fun. 

The awards will culminate in a celebrity-backed virtual ceremony streamed on the Worcester News Facebook page on Thursday, October 13 at 7pm when the winner of each category will be announced.