BILL Bolsover would like to see prospective Worcester Warriors investors focus on funding future revenue streams such as hotels and retail outlets.

Chairman Bolsover believes Warriors are well placed to see off competitors for extra cash flow thanks to the money ploughed into facilities at Sixways.

“Because we have had such a supportive shareholder, we are one of the only clubs that has absolutely no debt on its books,” he said.

“Every stand is paid for. All the grounds are paid for, we have put in a considerable amount of money into building up the amateur club’s facilities in the past two years and we now have the freeholds.

“The club sits here as an amazing opportunity. Most of the money we have lost has gone into the capital expenditure.

“If I was involved, I would see another phase of investment. I believe we should be looking to build another stand and a hotel.

“I think underneath that stand we should be looking to put in retail, a car showroom or whatever it may be.

“In rugby, you need an income to support what is happening on the pitch.

“You have a very important shareholder who can afford to put money into rugby but who also has a stream of funding in place.

“We have that opportunity now and it would be unfair to keep pushing this on to current shareholders. We should look to move on and develop.”