JUST a word of warning. I was cycling along the bus lane at about 8.30pm on a Sunday evening (July 12), coming from the direction of the town centre and was not far from Church Hill shops, when I was knocked off my bike.

Some idiots had tied some fishing wire across the full width of the road and pavement on both sides, and also across a few of the pathways nearby.

There was more than one strand pulled taut across the road, tied between the central bollard and fence posts at either side. As it was virtually invisible, I didn’t see it until I was too late.

After I’d picked myself and my bike up off the ground, I started to dismantle it. As I was doing this, a chap in his 20s walked past, but instead of helping, he stepped over the wire and continued on his way.

I asked him whether he could lend a hand, and he said “well it’s not my ** problem is it?”.

Luckily a paramedic drove past so I flagged him down and he and his colleague stopped and kindly helped take down the remaining wires. But as we were doing this, a blind man and his guide dog got stuck behind another length of wire which had been strung across one of the pathways.

I informed the police about the incident, but I’m not sure if they’ll be able to catch who did it.

I was very lucky and came away with a grazed elbow and a very bruised knee but if a car or bus had been travelling behind me, I would have ended up in hospital or worse.

If anyone knows who may have had anything to do with this act of complete stupidity, they should ring 101 to report it.

Helen Tuite

Church Hill