FURTHER to the recent figures released by Local Alcohol Profiles for England, Redditch has some of the highest figures in the country for teenage drinkers admitted to hospital.

The figures are hardly surprising when Worcestershire County Council has closed two Youth Centres (Arrow Vale and Kingsley) and are about to close the third and last remaining purpose-built Youth Centre in Redditch.
More than 50 youngsters attend the Youth House on each of the four evenings that it is currently open, spending high quality time with professionally qualified youth workers. Other groups also use the sports hall, the pool tables and the dedicated music room.
All this activity will come to an end on Monday, December 31 and if we fail in our objective the youngsters will have nowhere of their own near the town centre.
These youngsters are the future of Redditch.
As you, and your readers, are aware we (RYCE) are hoping to purchase the Ipsley Street Youth House. Please support our campaign either by donating or becoming a member of RYCE.
Ray Groves 
Chairman of RYCE