I’d like, if I may, say what a silly woman Yvonne Haigue is. She appears to dislike Kingfisher Shopping Centre because it’s shabby and in need of help as she can’t find a shop that sells anything other than T-shirts and jeans and seems to think it should be on a level par with Touchwood in Solihull.

In my opinion, if she likes and can afford to shop at Touchwood which in my opinion is a shopping centre for the rich and wealthy, which more residents of Solihull are, she can probably afford to get a taxi there and back every day, so she has no need to go to Kingfisher Centre ever again.

Most residents of Redditch love our centre, because of the prices and I’ve said before, I find Kingfisher one of the cleanest in the country, certainly not shabby.
It may be a good thing if we had a supermarket up there, but there are many around Redditch. As for cheap shops such as Poundland and Primark, they’re always full of customers, so that proves many of us like them and don’t tell me Solihull doesn’t have fast food shops because they have, and I don’t see why they don’t have charity shops. What’s wrong with them?

So, can I suggest she enters these shops when looking for clothes instead of window shopping. She may find a bigger selection inside and if that’s too much trouble, go to Touchwood and get ripped-off and leave us alone.
David Jeffries