LAST Saturday, a respected national broadsheet printed a comprehensive damning of the ill-advised and cringe-making bestowal of the Nobel Peace Prize on the EU.

The EU of course won nothing, whereas the Nobel Foundation and its committees lost a great deal, including a massive chunk of their former credibility.
The article’s final sentence however was monumentally inaccurate in stating that the prize could be considered as “a decoration for a once noble ideal”.

That which is now the EU, never suffered from noble ideals, and has its origins in what was little more than a vanity project for a group of privileged, under employed, devious intellectuals seeking to implement plans for a federal Europe drawn up by the Nazis, for administering the conquered nations after their anticipated victory.

It eschewed democracy, and the well-being of those in these islands, a parameter which Brussels has observed with Teutonic efficiency to this day.
Peter McHugh