YOUR recent article in the Advertiser on Wednesday, October 10 was of great interest to me as I have just been to my local GP and asked for an appointment for myself and my wife for the flu jab.
I was told that the ‘flu clinic’ would be on Saturday, October 20 and our names have been added.

Upon getting home and checking our calendar we found that we are already committed on that day to a wedding of my wife’s son, and so went back to the medical centre to cancel the appointment for a later date.
I was told that I would have to wait until after the ‘flu clinic’ on the 20th and reapply.

Your article mentions those at great risk are encouraged to contact their GP as soon as possible, I have 20 per cent COPD and 10 per cent asbestosis, my wife has angina together with other ailments,so perhaps we are not at risk as much as we thought we were.
Malcolm Halsall
Church Hill North