AFTER some announcements in connection with our exhibition, our chairman introduced Christine Russell to give her demonstration of still-life in mixed media.
Christine had set up her subject, which was a copper jug, with some oranges and slices of orange. These were set against a dark green background with a white muslin drape at its base.

The subject was strongly side-lit to give interesting shadows and highlights.
A waterproof, abrasive pastel paper was the chosen support and the first stage of the painting was the blocking in of all the main areas with a wash of acrylic ink.
It was explained that these inks gave very strong colours but these would not show through the later pastel work.

With the tones and colours broadly established by the ink washes, Christine worked in pastel to develop the colours and shapes within her subject. It was interesting to note that, apart from the background, only clean strokes of pastel were used with no rubbing in or blending. With the strengthening of shadows and the application of highlights and reflections, the final picture began to emerge.

Christine considered the work to be unfinished but, to the audience, it was already a strikingly colourful and successful painting.
Christine had responded to our questions throughout the demonstration and completed her presentation with an enjoyable slide show of a selection of her paintings.
The next meeting will be at St Luke’s Memorial Hall, Evesham Road, Headless Cross, on Wednesday, November 7, at 7.30pm when Brian Steventon will discuss and demonstrate Pen & Ink.
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