The first meeting of 2017 was at impressive Bordesley Park Wedding Venue, because of decorating at Beoley Village Hall. Dressed for the era, and with a large array of replica artefacts, Paul Harding gave us a fascinating and entertaining picture of how life in Britain changed under Roman influence. His company Discover History gives various presentations, etc, from 2,000 years of British history. The Competitions Cup was awarded to Jean Chesterton for 2016. This month members are going to see Jenny Eclair at the Palace Theatre, Redditch, and to the WI Dinner at Kings Court Hotel, Alcester. The competition for the oldest coin was won by Margaret Kemp, with a 1799 George III penny.

The next meeting is at 7.30pm on February 7 at Beoley Village Hall, when our speaker will be Penny Poetry of Art. The competition is for a limerick beginning, "There was a young lady called . . ." Guests and new members are welcome.