Alcester U3A

At the May meeting we had a wonderful presentation from Peter Preece, ably assisted by his wife Margaret. The title was 'Every Picture Tells a Story' and it certainly did! Peter is a very talented wildlife photographer and as he scrolled through his photos he had a story to tell about each one. There were quite a few beautiful pictures of kingfishers all taken by the River Arrow around Studley. He had obviously spent many hours in his portable hide but he explained how he could set things up, using a few captured fish, to increase the likelihood of the kingfisher being in the right place at the right moment. In all his photographs of birds, animals and insects there turned out to be a secret set up where relevant food was secreted, out of sight of the camera lens, to bring the subject into focus. There was no lucky chance about Peter's photographs but a great deal of clever and meticulous planning. We look forward to seeing the second part of the story next year.