Redditch Art Circle

After announcements in connection with the Spring Exhibition and proposed portrait workshop, our Chair introduced Linda Wain to give her presentation, "Painting wildlife". Linda explained how her career in art had developed up to the point where she now specialises in painting wildlife. She travels widely to observe and photograph wildlife and the material from her expeditions forms the huge fund of photographic references for her artwork.

Linda had prepared two sketches to work on for her demonstration and would give a commentary on her technique and materials as she painted. Rather than using thick acrylic paint, usually available in tubes, she used a bottled, liquid version, which appeared to be particularly suitable for her first subject. This was part of the face of a tiger and included the eye and elaborate facial markings. These were painted in a technique similar to that employed with gouache and, with the powerful pigments of the liquid acrylic paint, a striking image was obtained.

The demonstration continued with a painting of a colourful, spotted mushroom in a woodland setting. Strong, intense colours and subtle transparent washes were applied to define its shape and modelling. Details of the delicate features on the stem and cap were added and suggestions of its woodland environment gave the finishing touches.

This completed a very informative and entertaining presentation, much appreciated by members and visitors.

The next meeting will be at St Luke’s Memorial Hall, Evesham Road, Headless Cross on Wednesday, May 4 at 7.30pm. when Ian Ridley will give his presentation "Woodlands in watercolour".

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