PLANS to change the traffic flow in the centre of Great Malvern - including making Church Street one way - have provoked strong reactions from Gazette readers.

Worcestershire County Council wants to improve access and traffic flow and is currently holding a public consultation on the proposal.

The options are to make the street one-way downhill or to keep things as they are, but carry out various enhancements.

Readers have been busy commenting on the proposal on the Gazette's Facebook page.

Rhys Haywood said: "Pedestrianise is the way forward. I grew up in Porthcawl and they pedestrianise the high street from 10.30pm - 6pm. Could something like that work here? I love waking up and down that street when it’s closed on days like the Christmas light switch on. Plenty of other routes around the town. Church Street doesn’t need to be open. I guess the only problem is the Priory and the parking spaces behind for the shop staff. I’m sure someone could come up with a work around."

Paul Mayers said: "I hope there is careful consideration before taking this route because there is no way back once the decision is made."

Chris Proudlock said: "Church Street is a terrible place for traffic, especially if people do not give way. Remove the parking."

Aidan Lawrence said: "The consultation says nothing about where the 'uphill' traffic is now meant to go. Presumably along Graham Rd or Grange Rd/Abbey Rd. The consultation needs to include the surrounding area."

Simon Watten said: "Get rid of the eight parking spaces and reduce parking at all the local car parks by 20p."

Nick Baker said: "Or make the car parks by Church Walk free so people will be more likely to visit and stay longer and therefore spend more money."

Ross Baxter said: "Whichever way they go some people will find a way to complain. I'd prefer a one way system, but think they could do better yet. A system which only allows access for prioritised vehicles such as delivery vans and bikes could work."

Residents and businesses will also be able to have their say on Saturday, November 25, during the Great Malvern Christmas Lights Switch-on, between 2.30pm and 4.30pm, at the Malvern Hills District Council stand in the Priory grounds.

County councillor Ken Pollock said: "We'd like to hear the views of residents and businesses on which one they would prefer."

The consultation finishes on December 22. To find out more, visit