THE OWNER of a house which has been hit several times by motorists has sent a warning to those using rural roads.

Valerie Cross and her husband were awoken by an ‘almighty crash’ at their home in Shelwick Green, near Hereford, at 11.20pm last night.

The car driven by a man had crashed into the front porch of their home.

Mrs Cross said that the speed some motorists pass the house which is on a blind double bend is ‘frightening’ for those living inside.

“I’m not saying this driver was speeding but a lot of the cars come haring around here at 60 miles per hour which is far too fast for this road,” said Mrs Cross.

“There is a lot of agricultural traffic which use this road and motorists are taking their lives into their hands. Some of them come around this corner of the wrong side of the road.”

The driver was assessed for minor injuries and discharged at the scene.

A previous crash saw a car damage the side of their property.