A GROUP of Alcester residents are rallying together to bring the Greig Hall back into community use, and save the empty building from “neglect and dilapidation”.

Financial difficulties forced the Greig Trustees to close the Hannah Susan Greig Memorial Hall at the Greig Centre in 2011, while keeping the leisure centre open.

The hall has faced an uncertain future ever since, with previous plans to build new homes refused, before it was then registered as a community asset.

An offer from Stratford District Council to take control of the hall was later refused.

A clutch of residents have now formed a group called ‘Greig Hall Action 2017’, with the intention of preventing the building from falling into ruin.

Resident Sheilagh Goode said: “The hall has been closed for six years now and the neglect and dilapidation is obvious.

“If action is not taken very soon, the hall will be beyond repair.

“The Susan Greig Memorial Hall was built in 1958, with finances supplied by Mr David Greig, in memory wife, Hannah Susan Grieg,

“We cannot standby and allow this generous gift to the people of Alcester to fall into ruin. We must act now.”

The group will hold an open meeting at the Malt Mill Lane Community Centre on Tuesday, September 19, at 7pm, and welcome all interested parties to attend.

For information contact Sheilagh Goode on 01789 765 179 or sgoode4greig@aol.com.