The Catalan government has submitted to the regional parliament the final results of a disputed referendum on secession from Spain, a necessary step before declaring independence as separatist politicians have promised.

Spain’s central authorities have deemed the referendum illegal and a constitutional court suspended it.

But a vote went ahead on October 1 anyway, despite a lack of census controls and violence by Spanish police who were trying to halt the vote.

The final numbers confirm earlier results showing 90% of votes in favour of independence.

The regional government said 2.28 million Catalans voted, 43% of eligible voters.

The No side received some 8% of the votes.

Independence struggle in Spain(PA Graphics)

Separatist Catalan president Carles Puigdemont will address the regional government on Tuesday to “report on the current political situation”.

It was unclear if he or other separatist politicians would use the meeting to introduce a vote on declaring secession.