THOUSANDS of people gathered on Alcester High Street to celebrate the annual Mop Fair.

The two-day event, which began on Monday, October 2, had an official opening procession on Tuesday.

Ian Whitehead, High Bailiff of Alcester, opened the fair by reading aloud the charter which was granted by King Edward in 1292 to the Lord of the Manor of Alcester, Walter Beauchamp.

The agreement stated that Alcester Court Leet has the right to hold a mop fair in the town on the first Tuesday of October each year.

Mr Whitehead said it was a great two days.

"The event was a huge success with many of the towns people coming along to enjoy the new rides like Extreme and Twister along with the traditional stalls such as hook-a-duck," he said.

Many traditional fairground rides lined the streets and children were able to take a free turn if they were accompanied by a court leet officer.

Traditionally, a mop festival was a type of employment day where many types of workers would attend the event dressed in their best clothes and carrying an item which represented their trade, anyone without a specific ability would carry a mop.